Large Round African Basket 4

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African Basket handmade in Ghana.

These baskets are handmade using elephant grass and goat leather. Each basket is unique and adds a beautiful storage option to your home. 

These baskets are designed to be used and hold up very well. If the basket becomes misshapen it can be reshaped by immersing it in water, avoiding the leather handle as much as possible, then forming it by hand. 

Basket height ranges from 9 - 11 inches not including the handle and 14 - 16 inches in diameter. 

Proceeds from the purchase of this product help support the mission of the Busankam Wola Foundation in Ghana by funding the building of a sewing school to teach vocational skill as well as helping women plow and plant their crops. For more information on the Busankam Wola Foundation find them on Instagram at @busankamwolafoundation.

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